Parking Lot Chronicles

During the 2017-18 season, JaVale McGee teamed up with KD, fellow Warriors players, celebs and fans to brig fans behind the scenes at Oracle Arena. See what really happens on game night in the Parking Lot Chronicles.

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Episode 1: Andre Iguodala & Nick Young:

JaVale McGee interviews Andre Iguodala & Nick Young

Episode 2: Mistah F.A.B., Kevin Durant, & More:

With special guests Mistah F.A.B, Kevin Durant, & Omaze contest winner Victoria K.

Episode 3: Klay Thompson, E-40, & More:

Klay Thompson and Bay Area legend E-40 stop by, plus special guest Arthur Renowitzky tells his story.

Episode 4: Nick Young & Jordan Bell:

Nick Young and Jordan Bell talk Bell's rookie season with the Warriors

Episode 5: Trash Talk with Draymond Green :

The art of trash talk with Draymond Green, plus PLC's first super fan!

Episode 6: Quinn Cook, Hai Lam, Coseezy, & KD:

JaVale chats with fellow teammate Quinn Cook; says

Episode 7: Dance Cam Mom & the Harlem Globetrotters:

Very special guests include the legendary Dance Cam Mom, Harlem Globetrotters Scooter Christensen and Zeus McClurkin, and a fan celebrates his 16th birthday.

Episode 8: Michael Rapaport, Stephen Curry, Imani McGee-Stafford:

An action-packed episode with Michael Rapaport, Steph Curry, and a special visit from Imani McGee-Stafford and Pamela McGee.

Episode 9: Derek Carr & Special Appearance From Omri Casspi:

JaVale catches up with Derek Carr after the team's game against the Thunder, talks video games with some young fans, and learns about keeping kosher from special guest Omri Casspi.

Episode 10: Kevin Durant & :

In the final episode of the Parking Lot Chronicles, JaVale and KD talk movies and their favorite moments from the season .